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If you’re going to play slots from anything between 20p – £200 per spin then you’ll want to do your homework. Luckily we’ve done it for you. You might see some sites bragging about how many online slot games they have, but how many of these are actually worth playing.

Video slots and fruit machines can be narrowed down by investigating their payout rates, jackpot totals and prize pools. Also by looking at the amount of features, speed, design, user friendliness and initial bonuses (if any) can also tell us a good deal about potential games.

You have to understand that slots are the online casinos biggest asset and what makes them the most money. Even bingo sites have slots, why? Because they make the operator a lot more money than 2p bingo games. Casinos try to encourage us to sign up because they have 1000+ slots, but around 90% are not worth playing anyway!

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There’s nothing more important than staying in firm control of your game and with a firm grasp on your finances. We encourage responsible gaming at covert casino.