When Is The Best Time To Win Cash On A Roulette Machine

You’re about to read some cool and in depth articles that can help improve your performance when it comes to bookies roulette. Now these skills can be very helpful when it comes to finding the right time to play a game in the betting shop, but when is the right time to start spinning.

In this article we’ll explain some of the factors involved in identifying better opportunities and moments that a player should choose to confront an fobt machine. Remember: The cool thing about gambling on these terminals is the payout rate, meaning they do, can and will pay some people.

whats the best time to play fobt roulette
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When is the best time to play bookies roulette

When playing on bookies roulette or betting shop gaming machines, it’s very important to remember that when it comes to man vs machine. then man will ultimately hold the power. A roulette gaming machine is a physical element, it therefore has the restriction of capacity and can only hold so much money. It is the programme and the pay tables which control when and how much the machine pays out.

So is there a best time for making money on roulette machines? probably not the best question, more like when is there a greater chance of not losing on a fixed odds betting terminal? yes that’s more like it.

Electronic roulette machines – finding the right time to play

Roulette gaming machines can be found in all forms of entertainment arcades, from major casinos to shopping malls, cruise liner ships to fair ground attractions, but these icons of the famous wheel, are more loved at home, in the betting shops standing tall, proud and hungry.

These gambling machines are located strategically in these places, because the owners know that in between horse racing and dog derbys, people get bored, and with the urge of betting on their minds, these people need a quick fix and the bookies roulette machine provides this fix almost instantaneously.

Why it might be possible to predict winning times !

When we play online roulette games at our favourite cyber casino, we are playing against a large software program, that has no physical restriction, because all this data is floating on the internet. The difference between bookies roulette and their online counterparts, is that these games do have physical restriction, why, because it’s the law.

Pay tables must ensure that after so much money has been taken, and after a percentage has been leveraged for the owner, money must, and by law, must be paid out again. Not only this, but the physical restriction is solid money, it has to go in, there is only so much room before the machine has to reset, before beginning the process again. This is why with timing and proper observation, we can make money under the right conditions.

Learning to beat machines by watching for opportunist gapsplayers debate on the best time to win cash on fobts

If you’ve ever had a friend or known a colleague that does exceptionally well on fruit machines and other gambling devices, then you should be aware of one potential asset they hold. This asset is gamblers self control, you see, in gambling, at one end of the spectrum we have impulse and at the other we have control, having more of one, will reduce the other.

I hope you see where this is going, you need to begin controlling yourself, or the impulsive nature of this game can infect your money making operations. Someone who wins on fruit machines and beats roulette games, only does so by virtue of using control in some way or another, even magical systems bought on the internet, can only work with a players instinctive participation.

Watching a machine – what to look for and what to do

If you’re going to become a professional machine tracker, then you’re going to know some of the basics involved, please be aware, that scoping other players in betting shops, pubs and arcades is not a popular culture and therefore, you must remain covert throughout. Beating an electronic roulette machine requires patience, so straight away, you must be telling yourself that this is no easy feature, but with dedication can become more than possible.

Going undercover amongst the common gambler

Your instinctive mission will be to make money, to profit and to engage the roulette machine at the right time. For this, we need to let other people do the work for us and monitor this work in progress. So in order for this to become possible, you must place yourself in a position amongst them and in the process, conceal your true intentions from those bookies punters around you.

1. Get yourself a horse race betting slip and position yourself so that you are watching the races, but from this position you should be able to both see and hear the roulette machine.

2. Take small glances at the machine, do not give yourself away, you’ll be banned from further visits.

3. Find out the busiest betting times and operate during these moments, larger betting crowds can shield you and also provide more money for the bookies machine, don’t do this type of thing in an empty shop.

4. Get to know regular gamblers through conversation, and find out if they are potential targets, whether or not they use the electronic roulette games.

5. Play stupid, act like you’re a newbie, inexperienced and without a clue. Except advice from people over your shoulder, after all, you’ll be taking their money soon enough.

6. Now once you are in position, it’s time to get to work !

Bookies machines coin counting

The first skill that any betting shop tracker can apply, is the technique of counting as this provides us with valuable information. Beating roulette machines and general mechanical fruit machines requires positioning, as in your position, as in your time on the machine. The trick is trying to determine which time is best for you, and counting can help us do this.

First, note the time on the clock or on your watch, now over the course of ten minutes, try to observe the money path of the player. This means trying to determine the rate of money going in, compared to that going out over a given period. If the gambler is feeding in notes in an attempt to flood and beat the machine, have a quick walk past and try to evaluate the amount of credit the player has submitted.

You should be looking for a period of which the machine has not given back any money, this can tell us that the collection cycle is at work. If the player is putting in five pound coins and only winning one or two back, this is another good sign. Why, because it’s happening to them and not you.

In coin counting, to determine the best time to beat the machine, is after a period of which the machine has collected over a period of time, which means that when you go on next, the likelihood of taking something out increases immensely. This takes time and patience to master, but over time will become second nature to you, as you begin to observe a hot machine or cold one, without even thinking about it.

Avoiding a cold roulette machine in the bookies

Cold machines are roulette systems that have just given out an extremely out of the ordinary figure, this means if a player has placed in five pounds and is happily taking out four or five times this amount, he has the hot machine, for you it’s cold, because the likelihood of the gaming machine collecting on the next cycle, has now increased against you.

The best thing to do, is return another day, as  it takes time for the pay tables to fill, register, evaluate an owners percentage before returning to a paying out cycle.

What are hot machines

A hot machine is a gold mine when identified, if you can win five times the amount from your first amount of input, regardless of the bets you make, then the random codes are offering out the overflow, the cash values determined once the pay tables are full. You’ll know a hot machine, because you’ll very rarely have to consider any thought to your actions, in fact you’ll feel lucky, this is a sign you are going to beat the machine in this given session of gambling.

The more players you can see losing – the better

If you can allow enough time to watch three or even four players go onto the machine and lose, then you make sure your player number five.

End of the day – can this help us out !

It’s best to avoid entering a bookies at first light, because at this point you have no idea what has happened to the machine before hand, it might have been emptied, reset by being unplugged or even had maintenance carried out behind closed doors.

Many people assume that later in the evenings is a good bet, off course it can be, because the amount of cycles carried out by the bookies roulette system during the day, allows for an overall percentage of which the machine has taken, and the more it has taken, then the more it will give away also. Remember, these physical bodies can only hold so much cash, they’re not like Mary Poppin’s handbag.

10 bet rule – finally when you get to go onto the roulette machine

I find that when applying the ten bet rule in gambling, it can award us with a good feeling for the game we are about to play, regardless of trying to beat online casinos or trying to win on fruit machines, having an early indication of its behaviour can be identified by using ten bet prognosis.

Ten bet prognosis gives us a sense of control and order

This is where you now become the smarter player, because all those other gamblers, the drunks, the regulars and the wannabe professionals have no clue about control. In fact most players fail to consider tracking, which is ridiculous, because if you’re investing money in anything, it’s important to know what your getting yourself into.

When carrying out ten bet prognosis, we are to determine the value gained from our first ten bets on the machine.

If you lose more than 7 of those ten bets, then it’s worth walking away.

If you lose more than 5 of those ten bets, then bet again, if you lose walk away.

If you lose more than four of those ten bets, then its time to carry on playing.

These rules are credible in not only supporting your pockets, but in providing your own mindset with a way forward, do you really want to go on without certainty.

Carry on reading these archives in order to become familiar with beating roulette machines in the bookies and online.

Time is one thing , but learning your way around the computer software is another !

Why not practice against online roulette machines today, so when you hit the machine at the right time, you’ll know how to take that baby down. At Covert Casino we’ve found some cracking bookies roulette simulators online, with free cash too.

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