How Roulette Machines Use Payout Rates

It’s a big debate these days on whether or not roulette machines should be banned because some claim they cause bad habits and big debt problems, but is all this just scare mongering, after all many people do enjoy playing them with some players even winning. The problems on the other hand begin when you try to keep on winning.

So how do roulette machines really work?

Almost every simulated casino game or gambling based computer programme will use payout rates to help determine the win to loss ratio. These can range from as low as 84% to a staggering 98.8% and means the amount a machine will pay back to players once the games profit points have been met. Do not be fooled, this doesn’t mean that for every pound you spend you’ll get 98 pence back in the long run, in fact the opposite is true.

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In our more in depth article about how betting shop roulette works we cover the subject in far more detail, yet on this page we’ll keep things relatively straight forward and more to the point. Just know that the machine will consult the pay tables which will tell it how much money has been made as profits. If it’s enough, then the player will win more often.

What Happens When You Put Money Into A Roulette Machine

Gaming systems found in pubs and betting shops require the use of an internal register, something that controls the pay tables. Once you place your money into the roulette game, it passes through a number of sensors.

The first set of sensors tell the machine how much credit to give, in other words it recognises the coin put in. The second sensory device measures the table value and compares whether or not those tables are full. In slot machines or bandits, people often refer to these pay tables as tubes. The more money inside the machine, then the more likely the machine is going to pay out. In our 10 best tips for playing fruit machines we talk about tubes more often, it’s quite an interesting subject and something smart players like to read up on.

It’s why people suggest the best time to play roulette machines is between late afternoon and early evening. These are the times at which human traffic and roulette players are at their highest. Therefore meaning the fobt’s more than likely at a point at which the pay out tables limitations have been met.

Random Number Generators – How You Win Or Lose On Roulette Machines

All fixed odds betting terminals use RNG software, it’s the computerised roulette function that delivers a random sequence. Online casino games will also use random generating software to simulate the gaming odds. It works from the moment you press play, spin, go whatever. The moment you begin playing the roulette machine, the random number generator is triggered.

It’s believed to create over a billion numeric combinations which then filter down with mathematics to a level of 37 sums. In roulette, this will be 1 – 36 and that favourite ball busting green zero. (used to derive the house edge). A roulette machine does not know the different between red or black, odds or even. It only knows the resultant and whether or not your bet matches that resultant.

A Roulette Machine Working On A Single Spin – A Nut Shell Example

You place a twenty pound note into the roulette machine, the sensors measure the size of the note and also evaluate possible fake material. The fixed odds roulette terminal derives a credit amount of £20 to the player. The roulette player chooses a selection of numbers, these selections are now programmed onto the main numeric grid.

The spin cycle is operated as the bookies roulette machine spins the first round. The random number generator kicks in, providing a range of combinations with through odds of 36/1 on multiple positions. The bookies roulette game forms a random code, which represents a number, then it’s associated color, which it searches for a match. A matching result will mean a winning bet for the player. That’s basically how a roulette machine works, so is there anything we can do to fool these greedy gambling terminals.

How To Win On Roulette Machines?

Whilst computerised roulette is considered a true replication of the real thing, we believe the following methods can help improve your chances. Remember that fobt games are designed for business purposes and not charity cases meaning their very existence is to make money. Yet at the end of the day they are still man made devices and therefore we remain their masters, but this requires patience, responsible gaming and more importantly common sense.

  • Play roulette between the late afternoon and early evening ( 4pm – 9pm )
  • Play within the limits of a ten percent bankroll
  • Watch other players and hit the machine after high inputs
  • Avoid resetted machines ( Early mornings )
  • Change betting values between spins to unsettle the programme
  • Test the machine with ten spins – no win in ten spins walk away
  • Watch out for luminations – lots of lights – empty pay tables that are filling up

Good luck, don’t forget to check out team coverts in depth roulette machine guide which gets into the belly of fobt gambling and betting shop simulators. If you play these games and have lost money playing them, then you should not overlook this section of the covertcasino website.

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