How To Win A Roulette Machine – Learn How To Shark

sharking is a tip that most gamblers frown uponBefore spinning those fobt roulette machines at the bookies, did you ever think about why so many of them are out there? Read our guide to the background of fobt’s here ..

The method of sharking other players in a betting shop is considered to be one of the most profitable roulette machine tips in the business. But what about the software these gaming systems use, this is where uk bookmaker casinos can be used for practice and with free bonuses too.

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Sharking Roulette Machines

This article might take up a few minutes of your time, but trust me, how much is your time worth. The betting shops, or bookies for short, are the gambling havens of the 90′s, and whilst online gambling and casino booms, we must never forget the potential for making money in these high street cash shops. Now the best way to make some money at the bookies, is unfortunately to use other people as markers. A marker is someone who unwillingly prepares a roulette game or a fruit slot machine for a pay off. It also provides a free look at how the game is going, whether or not it’s going in the right direction or not.

Then as a shark, you take over and collect that pay off, but be careful, people don’t like gambling sharks, so how can we best perform such a critical task.

Play The Waiting Game – Patience Pays Off Roulette Machine Players

When it comes to playing on roulette machines and fruit machines within the betting shops, we must remember one important thing, physical capacity. This means they are controlled by payment tables, other wise the machine would keep collecting, the cash would have nowhere else to go and before long, the system would flood, mechanical and electrical breakdown would occur and the electronic machine would be knackered.

It’s now very important that we choose our best point to play, therefore we must observe the machines current cycle, watch the machines performance and determine how the roulette system is operating. By this we mean the money going in compared with the money coming out, also known as the derived ratio.

Looking Out For Good Roulette Machines – Your Best Odds

In order to get this right, you’ll need to perform some covert operations, hey, that’s no problem, you’re at covert casino don’t forget. The following instructions can be very beneficial for smart gamblers working within a bookies shop, when we say working, this is a term for gambling with direction, something few players even consider. So then, lets get to work.

Remember, this takes practice and patience, so it’s best to have some free time all planned out before you go about doing such an operation.

Step One – Position and roulette machine targetting

Remember, you’ll be going undercover as few betting shop customers will favour your reason for being there, as that reason is nothing more than taking their money from them, because lets face it, if you don’t, the rich betting shop owners will. Position is very important as you’re about to observe another player gambling on a machine, you’ll need a place close enough to see the roulette system, yet far enough away to hide suspicious behaviour.

Balance is very important, your location is fundamental, as not only do you want to see the screen, but you’ll need to hear the coins going in, and the sound of coins hitting the payout tray also.

Have a cover story – you need to blend in with the gamblers !

A great way to blend in is to place a bet on a future horse race, or some other sporting event happening later that day, which will buy you enough time to wait around. This waiting around will allow for perfect timing in order to get a free glance at a possible hot machine. Remember, your true motive is to watch the electronic fruit machine or roulette game with close scrutiny.

When a person is going to beat the casinos or even roulette, then you normally don’t see them do it, in and out, short and sweet.

Step Two – Begin player observation and roulette machine counting

Firstly, we’ll have a look at the player, how old is he, if they’re very old, their decisions may be reckless, as with a really young person, they’ll be over confident in how they play. Is the person drunk, what is their emotional state, these are all personal errors that can really provide an advantage to a player sharking them out.

Start counting, have a look at your watch and choose a bookies timing window, 15 minutes is normally a good time to work with. Now for this 15 minute period, we’ll be looking at certain factors, how much money is the person putting in, how big are their bets, are they winning, are they losing, is their emotional state changing, are they placing notes in, are they asking the cashier for more cash.

These are very important points to note, as they will all help you determine whether or not your time to strike the roulette system is approaching.

Step three – observing the roulette counting period

It’s important now at this point, that you pay particular attention to the machines behaviour, this is the only way your going to walk out of the bookies with any winnings. We’re looking for an offsided ratio factor in terms of winning and losing, its around 30 percent, but lets look at this like one third the stake overall.

For instance, if a gambler is playing on the machine for a fifteen minute period, and during that period he puts twenty pounds into the roulette system, then we’re looking for the returning figures to be at values close to below. You’ll have to concentrate, so keep your eyes and ears free, look and listen very carefully to what is going on.

A hot bookies machine – fruit machine or electronic roulette

Out of that twenty pounds in, he has only won around six to seven pounds, this general rule works for more pay tables. A hot machine means that your chances of winning after that player are always increasing the more they lose.

A cold bookies machine – again roulette either electronic or a fruit machine bandit

Out of that twenty pounds in, he is winning around twenty six to twenty seven back.

A cold machine means that your chances of losing after that player is increasing the more they win.

The trick comes with practice, and at first, can seem rather difficult to get the values weighed off. Don’t worry, as a beginner sharking the betting shops, you’ll get the rough idea of which systems are hot and most certainly, which betting shop gaming system is not.

Step four – moving in on the roulette machine

Ok, so you’ve had some drunk guy gambling for last 30 minutes, he’s thrown an awful lot of money into that game, and has taken next to nothing out. Alarm bells should be ringing now, as the belly of the beast is bulging, and all the time, so are your chances. Do not make your move sudden, allow a few minutes if possible before you jump in behind that poor loser.So what next then?

Step five – Confirming a hot roulette game – move fast

Gambling is not a free meal, it’s a dog eat dog world and yes, the smarter dogs eat the not so smarter dogs. You need to be quick in confirming that the roulette terminal you have targeted is hot. Now this can be done by applying the six bet rule. You need to be sure that your not going to be throwing money away also, i mean who knows, someone could be sharking you too.

The six bet rule – Use it on roulette machines and fruit machines

All of these betting shop games have something in common, pay tables, i won’t go into this too much now, but it’s a way in which the game functions, so that it will not over flow with cash, there has to be some output to input, and this is the money. The six bet rule can easily identify whether the collection cycle has switched to the dropping cycle, i:e, is the machine toppers, are the tubes full, is it time for pay day. This is what you’ve been waiting for, maybe your horse has already run the race, but who cares, you are here now.

These six bets can provide a low cost and yet almost free look at how the system is performing.

Step six – how to carry out the roulette six bet rule

You are now at the bookies gaming element, either roulette or a bandit, whatever, you’ve seen a guy bust a gut over his losses, time to check your own fate. Place a relatively small amount of money in, couple of pound or dollars, enough for six medium stake bets. Choose red or black, or odds or evens only, this needs to be fifty percent chance.

Now if you win four out of six bets or more, you are onto a winner, progress to whatever betting standard you like. If you win three out of six, place an extra bet, if it wins, stick around. If you win two out of six, the machine is still in collection phase, perhaps walk away. If you win one out of six, it’s a definate no no, goodbye, get out and survive.

Converting Roulette Players Get More Online

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