Top 10 Tips For Playing Roulette Machines

It does’nt take Albert Einstein to walk around ladbrokes betting shop on a Friday night to work out exactly what’s going on. FOBT roulette games have become so popular in the UK amongst drunken bums and hard line gamblers that the normal player just can’t find a fair simulator for a quiet spin.

The truth is, betfred’s favourite machines are too cluttered with players who just don’t know what they’re doing. Well we’re going to give something back to our readers, it’s time to get smart about fixed odds betting terminals.

team covertcasino looks at the ten most important tips for playing roulette
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The following guide lines can be helpful to players if followed to the letter, please try them out. Key methods like bankrolling and playing online can be useful in developing responsible gaming too!  team covert encourages more safer roulette machine gambling

Ten of the best!

The sensible question to ask yourself is “not how i can win on the roulette machine” but more rather “how can i survive it”. These are clever devices that rely on the pitfalls of repetitive and desperate gambling, people who chase bets and losses and the greed of the lucky who stay for the unlucky. Enjoy reading!

1. Never underestimate the freebies

There’s not a betting shop on earth that would give you free money to play one of their roulette games but we don’t need them too, we have other sources. Mobile roulette sites can be great fun for the freebies and can tell players an awful lot about themselves. Mad about slots for example give away £5 free no deposit to play roulette on your phone and its a pretty good simulator too. The only thing we say is that you actually try and play with this money like its your own real pocket change.

Mobile sites allow easy access and free credits for spinning on your iphone or android device which enables you to practice bank rolling, different bets, personal strategies, bankroll building and even walking away whilst you’re up.

2. Bankroll management is everything

If you’ve never thought about the money you’re playing with, think again. Bankroll management is one of the most powerful roulette tips known to any budding professional. Ten percent is normally a good figure in terms of playing the wheel with control, if you have £20, then you bet no more than £2 at anyone time. Read our roulette machine complete guide to find out more information on this subject.

3. Practice your roulette game online

Join a casino and practice like there is no tomorrow, the cool thing about online roulette simulators is freedom. By this we mean free of course, you can write down your best betting patterns and most successful runs at anyone time, you also stand to lose nothing if you go on tilt and lose. Our very own roulette casinos have been hand selected for their real money deposit bonuses, freebies, loyalty programmes, game variation and realism of simulation.

4. Walk away with 20 percent profits

If you make twenty percent profit then you leave the fobt machine immediately. This rule is golden amongst some of the most smartest players on the planet. For instance: If you start playing with £40, and at anyone time you have £48 or over, then it’s time to walk away. Sustainability is discipline, it’s also one of the best betting shop roulette tips you’ll ever learn.

5. Knowing how a roulette machine works

Roulette games are not rocket science, but they are gambling chemistry. Learning how machines in the bookies function is something you want to have in your back pocket, next to your winnings that is. Read our guide on how roulette machines work and determine pay out rates for more information on this fascinating subject. If you drive a car through rough weather or on a dodgy road surface, sometimes knowing how the car feels and operates can be advantageous to the driver. (just a thought)

6. Know your enemies

Your enemy is not the fixed odds betting terminal, it’s the person either taking money out or putting it in who is. Players like to marvel about systems and strategies, you should be thing about them and them only. It’s not how they’re betting that matters, it’s how much they’re losing or winning. Machines are solid based systems that have capacity, if they fill up they will automatically empty after profits. You need players to fill them up, so tread carefully and watch mindfully. In our 10 best fruit machine tips for players we talk about sharking and dodgy watchers, if there’s a gamble there’s always a shark. (keep those eyes open)

7. Know when to play a machine

You are best to play at certain times and there are great reasons for this. The majority of bookies shops fill up between the hours of 4 – 630 pm, normally the end of work shifts that have gamblers edging to blow off steam. For this reason the best time to play a roulette machine is around 7 o clock at night. Avoid early mornings and late nights, as low human traffic will indicate a possible poor payment flow.

8. Gathering covert intelligence

The way in which the atmosphere of that betfred shop portrays itself may lend a few clues. One of our favourites is the dead terminal, if you walk into ladbrokes and the place is full of betting humans but no one on the roulette machine, then it’s a giveaway for a machine that’s been hacked to death. Study other players and observe for possible signs that you’re onto a winner, if you see a player who is suddenly flustered and upset that they have no change left on them, be sure to spin next when they’ve gone.

9. Take your online experience back to the betting shop with you

I can guarantee that your 52 year old drunken roulette players is not hitting those spinners on the internet. This where you can get ahead, use online roulette as a baseline for self development. Practice with either a real or play money £20 stake and aim to go for a 20 percent profit, write down your methods and any failures along the way. Once you’ve found confidence in turning £20 into £24 on a regular basis, head back to the real world and do some damage.

10. Bankroll building

One of the best tips found anywhere is roulette bankroll management, the second part to this equation is bankroll building. If you manage your bankroll to within 10 percent of winning, then you should build at double the value. Therefore if you start playing with £20 and you spin bets at £2, you should leave the game with 20 percent profit at £24. It’s a bit more difficult than it sounds, but very impressive when a player can start building a bankroll with simplicity. Only practice makes perfect, and the internet is the perfect place to do it.

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